Wednesday, December 9, 2009

About this blog

Occasionally people ask about things that I think are obvious about our products at Porta-Jib, but, as it turns out, clearly are not. And after explaining something to them, they often say, "Oh, now I get it." My conclusion is that I need to work on communicating some of these points better, and therefore, I thought a blog might be a good way to augment what is on the website.

For example, it seems that people don't understand why we added, what we call, the "Vector Balancing Bar" to our jibs, or why we think our Seat Assembly for the 4-Leg Spider Dolly is truly unique in the world of lightweight dollies, or why one would invest in an underslung head as opposed to a traditional fluid head, or why it is critical to adjust the settings on the fluid head completely different when on a jib arm as compared to when it's on a tripod, and things like this. So when I feel inspired, I will try to jot down some of these notions, and hopefully they may prove to be helpful.


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